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Refund Policy


  1. Foodies in Heels: FMS Europe BV, having its registered office in Eindhoven (Netherlands) under KvK no. 66926963.
  2. Customer: the person with whom Foodies in Heels has entered into an agreement.
  3. Parties: Foodies in Heels and client together.
  4. Consumer: a customer who is also an individual acting as a private person.

Right of Withdrawal 

  1. A consumer may cancel an online purchase during a 14-day cooling-off period without giving any reason provided that:
    1. it is not a product that can spoil quickly, such as food or flowers;
    2. it is not a product that has been customized or adapted specifically for the consumer;
    3. it is not a product that cannot be returned for hygienic reasons (underwear, swimwear, etc.);
    4. the seal is still intact, if they are data carriers with digital content (DVDs, CDs, etc.);
    5. the product is not a trip, transportation ticket, catering order or form of leisure activity;
    6. the product is not a loose magazine or loose newspaper;
    7. It is not an emergency repair (order); and
    8. the consumer has not waived his/her right of withdrawal.
  2. The 14-day cooling-off period mentioned in paragraph 1 begins:
    1. on the day after the consumer receives the last product or part of 1 order;
    2. once the consumer receives the first product with a subscription;
    3. once the consumer has acquired a service for the first time; or
    4. once the consumer has confirmed that he will purchase digital content over the Internet.
  3. During the reflection period, the consumer will handle the product and its packaging with care. He will only unpack or use the product to the extent necessary to assess whether he wishes to keep the product. If the consumer exercises his/her right of withdrawal, he will return the product with all delivered accessories and - if reasonably possible - in the original shipping packaging to the seller, in accordance with the reasonable and clear instruction provided by the entrepreneur.
  4. Should the returned product be damaged or the packaging damaged more than necessary to try the product, we may pass this depreciation on to you. Therefore, always treat the product with the utmost care.
  5. The consumer can express his/her invocation of the right of withdrawal by using the returns portal. On the return portal, the consumer can make his/her return notification and print a shipping label to return (part of) the order.
  6. The consumer is obliged to return the product to Foodies in Heels within 14 days of the return notification, failing which his/her right of withdrawal lapses. The costs of the return are at the expense and risk of the consumer.
  7. The above right of withdrawal does not apply to business customers.

 Refund of monies paid and reimbursement of delivery costs 

  1. If the consumer has timely exercised his/her right of withdrawal and as a result has timely returned (part of) the order to Foodies in Heels , Foodies in Heels will refund the amount paid (if any) by the consumer, in full or for that part of the order that has been returned, to the consumer within 14 days of receipt by Foodies in Heels .
  2. Only if the consumer has returned the entire order in a timely manner as mentioned in paragraph 1, Foodies in Heels will also refund the initial shipping costs paid by the consumer (if any) along with the refund following from paragraph 1.

Return cost reimbursement

If the consumer invokes his/her right of withdrawal and returns all or part of the order in a timely manner, the cost of returning the order will be at the consumer's expense and risk.