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Beautiful items and styling tips for the perfécte autumn table

"Bring autumn into your home and for this, less is definitely not more!"

autumn table

Although autumn brings with it many rainy days, the color palette of this time of year is characterized by the use of warm tones. Olive green, ochre yellow and rust red are instinctively the fall colors, but did you know that every color has an "autumn variant"? Throw a lick of imaginary yellow paint through your favo color.... et voilà: salmon pink, cognac and petrol blue can be added to your fall palette in no time. 

Not only the right colors make your table a real autumn table, the use of natural materials is essential. And again, 'less is definitely not more'. So bring on those giant pumpkins, dried fruit and lush branches of greenery for the perfect autumn table. 

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Decorating with dried oranges

Dried oranges are the fall eye-catcher of the autumn table in this styling. Did you know that these are super easy to make yourself? This blog shows you how!

Continue the autumn theme and combine the fruit with decorative mushrooms and fresh branches of eucalyptus, for example.

dried oranges

"Use warm color tones and natural materials to create the perfect fall table!"

Decorate with fresh fruit

Whereas in summer you'll see lots of fresh lemons and limes in my styling photos, in fall I like to decorate - in addition to dried fruit - with fresh oranges, tangerines and pears. 

Pears are a wonderful item to put in a bowl on the table and they just ripen quietly outside the refrigerator. A top item as a decorative piece on your fall table!

autumn table

Daily table wear 

With a few key items, you can keep endlessly varying your arrangements. A vase is such a key item for your table. You can of course have it filled with a beautiful fresh bouquet, but I also find dried flowers or loose branches work wonderfully on the table.

Also make use of a tray on your fall table, this way you automatically create a framework to style your decorations and it works very nicely. Decide which items you want to place on the tray and slide those items around until you have the perfect arrangement. Think of a candelabra, or a bell jar candle. But to give your look that ultimate autumn atmosphere you can of course go all out in styling: go for a walk in the woods for acorns, pine cones and beautiful leaves!

autumn table

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Green pumpkin as a styling object

Of course, pumpkins cannot be missing for the optimal fall look. This time, go for a green variety. This is a hugely decorative piece your autumn table and, of course, a lot less cliché than its beloved orange brother.

Combine the green pumpkin with warm orange tones or just keep everything with the green theme. Both can be done and is incredibly beautiful!

Looking for even more pumpkin inspiration? Then also read my blog on endlessly decorating with pumpkins.

green pumpkin

"Make use of a tray, that way you automatically create a frame to style your decorations!"

Tablecloths with prints

Tablecloths with prints: the very easiest way to create an instant autumn atmosphere. Again, choose a tablecloth with a warm hue. 

It's all about this beautiful tablecloth! Otherwise, keep it simple and straightforward in terms of styling, otherwise it will become a big chaos. 

tablecloths print

The use of warm color tones, natural materials, dried and fresh fruits and beautiful lush tablecloths. Hopefully these tips will give you enough tools to create your own beautiful autumn table. 

Will you take me through the results? I am SO curious!

"Because table setting is life!" - Maud

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