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A table can be as beautifully laid as it is; it only really becomes enjoyable when the food is to your liking. Will you soon have guests over and you have no idea what to serve? Or would you like to serve your family something other than a predictable plate? We inspire you with the tastiest, healthiest and easiest (read: no stress) recipes that score on both the weekday Thursday and
the perfect dinner party.

Want to unpack but not spend hours in the kitchen?     

We like to make things easy for you and prove with our vegetarian and low-carb recipes how delicious healthy food can be. Even with meat dishes, we always advise you to make conscious choices. And good to know: many recipes are (with a little adaptation) very suitable for children!

  • Healthy nasi

    Healthy Nasi

    A very nice vegetable dish with super flavor and packed with vitamins. For the kids, I always serve whole wheat rice with it. 

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  • Roasted Brussels sprout salad

    Roasted Brussels sprout salad

    This salad is: healthy, delicious and easy. Just the way I like it! I bet even many kids are going to like this. The sprouts are not very obvious if you cut them a little more finely and...

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  • Cod with Green Goddess sauce

    Cod with Green Godddess sauce

    Sometimes you just want to lose a few pounds but still be cozy, so now I have the perfect recipe for you. Super lean, healthy, fancy and perfect to make when you have guests over. You can of course make...

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  • green goddess dressing

    Green Godess sauce

    When you have made this sauce/dressing/dip once, it is definitely not going to be the last time! Because: quick, easy, not too many ingredients, healthy, tasty, fresh and applicable in lots of ways. Measure the GREEN GODDESS dressing!

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  • eggplant/ zucchini lasagna

    Eggplant/ zucchini lasagna

    This vegetable lasagna with mozzarella, eggplant and zucchini is super healthy because of all the vegetables, has no meat and no carbs. So it fits perfectly into a balance week. If you want to eat healthy, vegetarian and Keto, you'll be fine with this recipe. It...

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  • chicken and fennel

    Chicken & Fennel

    Chicken is definitely an everyman's friend. Always good during a dinner party with friends. Serve it with a nice salad, some potatoes from the oven and that's it. The fennel in this recipe is also a very nice addition as flavoring.

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  • marinated salmon

    Marinated salmon

    The base of this recipe is a very fine classic. One that you can easily prepare for the busy Christmas season, as it needs a few days to reach its full potential. The gin gives a nice kick...

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