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Tropical Smoothie

It's HOT! In fact, tropical temperatures are expected for the next few days. That calls for hydration. I myself am never so bear-hungry when it is so hot outside, preferring to make salads, cold soups and smoothies. Of course, water is always super important too and especially give it a nice flavor so it doesn't get boring so quickly! Today I will give you a recipe/decorating tip. How nice is it to use the waste of what you normally throw in the garbage for a TOO cute vase. Andnnn, it's a delicious tropical drink.

I love healthy and simple cooking as you know by now. I also don't have time to spend hours in the kitchen with three small children running around me, so I use nice little ingredients for this juice: 1 whole pineapple that I hollow out. I squeeze 1 whole lime. And I add some cold almond coconut milk from Alpro. Really my favorite milk! Add about 300 ml of milk, but it also depends on what you like, a little more or less liquid, put it in the blender and you're done.

Of course you can add all kinds of things! Mango is delicious with it, or papaya. As long as it's tropical.

OK not so healthy, but how fun is this on a Friday afternoon when your girlfriends come over for drinks. Then of course with a dash of rum in it! ls like being in the Bahamas, really!

To hollow out the pineapple, you need one of those small and empty cans of chickpeas, lentils or something similar. Turn those lentils into a yummy salad or the chickpeas into a snack by roasting them (rinse and let dry first) in the oven with some olive oil, five-spice seasoning - 200 degrees in the oven for 15 minutes - shred them and another 10 minutes. CLOSE!

Ok, where were we left off: hollowing out the pineapple! Sorry I can digress a bit when it comes to food :-)) Cut the cap off the pineapple and hollow out the flesh with a spoon. Sometimes it's easier to cut some loose along the side first with a knife and then take everything out with a spoon. In any case, the empty can should fit inside. Now put this can inside the empty pineapple, fill it with water and then with beautiful summer flowers.

How fun is this? I think it looks sooooo cozy and fresh and summery on a nicely set table! Then this juice is also nice as an appetizer.





pineapple tropical

pineapple tropical

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Blair Smith - February 1, 2022

Really interesting post!

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