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We love cozy evenings with friends. Chatting, drinking wine and of course we want something delicious to go with it. I'm a complete cheese fan, so at our house it's mostly lots of different cheeses that matter.

Not sure how to organize your cheese board? Here are some tips:

First, go for a good shelf. I have a heeeeeeeeeeeeeeer of different boards, kind of tic and I use them all. My favorites are the boards from Dutch Deluxes. Really beautiful they are and they come in lots of different colors and sizes. Wood is beautiful, but look above how fresh this light blue is? Totally fun in the summer!

Are you not a cheese fan, but your guests are? Get information from a good cheese store. I like to go to the Ruurhoeve in Bladel, but there is undoubtedly a good store near you. At a specialty cheese store they cut the cheeses fresh and at the supermarket they mainly get it pre-packaged. You can imagine which is tastiest :-)) The basis when choosing cheeses is: take a hard (old) cheese, a blue cheese (for example stilton, my favorite) a soft red cheese (for example epoisse, well for the die-hards though) and a white cheese (for example brie). This way you have something for every cheese lover on your shelf.

cheese board


For those who don't like cheeses, put some cold cuts there.
Also think about something sweet: raisins, for example. And a crunch: nuts, crackers, breadsticks etc.
Use different glasses, jars and trays. It all looks nice and lively.
Think of the color differences, I often use branches of rosemary for some green on the shelf as below.
Also fun, make DIY flags with the names of the cheeses on them.
For the kids I often put cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots on top as well so they also get some healthy food in :-))
Another thing that always makes it very lively is if you put tall glasses with vegetable sticks or cheese sticks on top. Nice to have something tall on top.
Above all, don't put it all on a shelf too neatly, and don't choose a very large one if you only bought three cheeses. I'd rather choose a smaller shelf that I fill a little more richly than a very large shelf that actually has too little on it.

Andne, don't do this too often! Doesn't quite balance with my Foodies In Shape challenge, does it!


cheese board


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