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Lunchbox deluxe

Those of you who have been following the Foodies in Shape action know that I swear by eating healthy snacks regularly. To gain and maintain my weight, I eat three snacks a day. Sounds a lot but it's not that bad, I hear from a lot of people that they have to get used to eating so often. I often miss out when I'm on the road because: forgot my snack, only really bad snacks available at the gas station or I just forget because I'm busy with other things. So I started looking for a fun and easy lunchbox where I can keep my lunch and/or snacks. The lunchbox I found is first of all, TOO cute! Besides that, super easy and multifunctional. After all, you can lug around an entire day's supply of snacks and your lunch. They are from Boho-Tiffin, there are 5 different looks and you get a trendy pendant and super easy and fun tote bag with them. Great for the beach for example. If you want to know what I could put in it, check out the recipe for the delicious filled buckwheat pancakes here.

Boho-Tiffin lunchbox

In addition, here in the picture is another favorite summer snack of mine: coconut, pomegranate and blueberries. You can buy all these ingredients separately at the AH and eat them deliciously together. It is mega healthy snack with these three vitamin bombs and I also like it summery....

Boho-Tiffin lunchbox

Boho-Tiffin lunchbox

 The third container contains half an avocado with some tomatoes. Do pour some lemon juice over the avocado, besides being tasty, it keeps it from discoloring and I put some drops of olive oil and salt and pepper over the tomatoes. Of course, you could also sprinkle some fresh basil or mint on top.

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