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Kitchen styling: restyling your kitchen knowledge - Autumn edition

My kitchen is the heart of my home. I think of my favorite dishes there and I prepare it. It is the place where we eat together, chat for hours and it is also my workplace. Reason enough to make sure my kitchen looks just as fancy as the rest of the house.

With a few simple styling tricks, you can give your kitchen a stylish upgrade in no time. Niches or individual shelves in your kitchen provide the perfect stage for your favorite kitchen styling. Once in a while - usually every season - I update mine again. 

Read on for kitchen styling tips for pros and let's throw in the autumn whirlwind!

Kitchen styling roadmap

kitchen niche

"Style your kitchen with the seasons with this kitchen styling!"

Kitchen styling - step 1

First empty the shelves, because it works best to start with a clean sheet. And while you're at it; clean everything immediately now that everything is empty :-). Is there a kitchen appliance you always use, such as a blender, kettle or toaster? Then this is your permanent fixture around which you will style. For me, this is my Kitchenaid food processor anyway. This really is the perfect kitchen styling attribute. Luckily, it fits in every season, so it gets to shine in my kitchen all year round!

kitchen niche

Kitchen styling - step 2

Then start picking out the items you think are beautiful or appropriate within the theme. Since the theme right now is fall, I chose some pretty serving boards in warm hues. Make sure to stay with items in a certain color palette to create tranquility. Alternate a bit with different heights of the items you chose, because everything at the same height will make it flat and boring. Your main goal is that your eyes are drawn to it, so you keep looking at the special objects on these shelves. Everything for the perfect kitchen styling!

kitchen niche drinks boards

Kitchen styling - step 3

Always fun: cookbooks! You can put them upright, but I always like to put them down on a shelf. When choosing your cookbooks, look at the themes, fun titles, but especially the colors of the books. Finally, the size is also important. Again, all books in the same format does not look very exciting.

kitchen knowledge cookbooks

Kitchen styling - step 4

My new styling fall crush are these olive-colored pumpkins. I got them from a nearby grower and I am mega fan! I pair this with my beloved bowls from Puglia from Enza Fasano. This Coral color just screams fall! This is how I build up the niche step by step.

ceramic bowls puglia

Kitchen styling - step 5

Say honestly. a lot of stuff you already have in your home. So look around in your china cabinet, your crazy kitchen appliances, cookbooks and style it with a beautiful vase. You can play endlessly with the things you have collected until you have a nice composition. Some more tips to style your alcoves in your kitchen: vary with volume. Choose some big bulky items like a vase or in autumn of course those crazy pumpkins, because this way you create a good base and you avoid that it looks crowded by using too many small items.

styling with pumpkins

Kitchen styling - step 6

The mix of materials in this kitchen styling also creates a pleasing image. I chose to combine wood with ceramic. I then complement this with a beautiful cocktail glass to create a fine balance between my products and materials. And last but not least: above all, experiment! The right kitchen styling can sometimes be a bit of a puzzle, but do it as long as you enjoy it!

kitchen niche styled

Do it yourself!

Would you like to have a beautifully styled kitchen niche? Then just retrace my steps. Really, you will find in your closet and in your home more than enough beautiful attributes for the perfect kitchen styling. Plants, dried flowers or fresh pumpkins, all nice! Also, don't forget a candle for the dark days, super cozy and it really makes such a niche come alive. 

And another tip: as with the table styling, I used the ton-sur-ton method. I chose 2 colors and in these shades I styled everything. This keeps it calm, nicely coordinated and it suits this season super well! 

I hope I was able to inspire you with my kitchen styling! Have any questions? Ask them below. If you find it inspiring, please leave a comment too. Have you been styling your kitchen yourself? Be sure to send me a photo because I love it!

"When table setting is life!" - Maud

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