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G&T - Caviar

What do you think is the most festive snack ever? I think that's caviar! So I came up with that as an appetizer with the aperitif this year. Served in a classic Belgian way with sour cream and a boiled potato, totally TOP! If you find caviar too expensive (which I can understand) then use fake ones, of which there are plenty, or salmon eggs for example. Also very festive!

During Christmas, besides the rich flavors - All about the presentation!!! So get out your very best glasses for the aperitif. Buy beautiful branches/flowers at the florist for the table and decorate the inside of your glass as well. I came up with an aperitif that is super trendy at the moment and what most people also really like. I chose Christmas colors here and also the flavors ARE Christmas: rosemary and cranberries. I buy the cranberries from the freezer. Cut them in half and if you squeeze them a little above the G&T it turns a nice red/pink color. I always bruise the rosemary a bit so the flavor comes out extra good. And let the drink stand for a while and stir well so the flavors come out well.

Gin tonic caviar
Gin tonic caviar
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