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Bring autumn into your home: endless decorating with pumpkins

green pumpkins

When you think autumn, you think pumpkin! The item to endlessly decorate with and make your home completely fall proof.

As soon as I notice that it's getting darker outside earlier, the autumn itch sets in and I immediately get to work on redecorating the interior to suit the season. And I'm guessing I've found a fellow pumpkin lover in you. In this blog, I would like to show you the versatility of this orange (but also sometimes green or yellow) autumn topper!

1. Pumpkins as ornaments

Pumpkins, they come in so many different shapes, sizes and nowadays even colors. On their own they are just too cute to put in the house. When restyling my kitchen niche, I was just missing that touch and tadaaa: those pumpkins just made the look!

One more tip: Remember that cute jam jar you didn't want to throw away and have kept in the cupboard for ages? Well. fill it with acorns, for example, and you have another super cute fall decoration item for next to the pumpkin.

Pumpkin in kitchen niche

2. Grouping pumpkins

Sometimes there is nothing at all wrong with less stylized decorating, don't you think? 

Short but - no less - powerful: place pumpkins in a loose group together, and place some matching tea lights next to them. Boots on, woolen shawl on and take your pruning shears outside.... Because complete your fall table by adding some fresh branches of greenery. 

Grouping pumpkins

Tip: "Use old jam and weck jars to store acorns and/or pine cones, for example. A super fun extra autumn decoration item!"

3. Pumpkins on the table

It's pumpkins all over the place in this blog. But hey. of course I remain an ultimate flower lover and see here when I combine my two favo's. 

First, choose a tablecloth in a warm hue so that the colors reinforce each other. This makes for an atmospheric whole. Next, place some colorful pumpkins on the table. Between the pumpkins I used branches of fine eucalyptus, but feel free to look around your garden and in nature for other branches of greenery. Be sure to pick flowers that can go without water for a while. I used chrysanthemums here. Cut them short and place them between the branches later. Leaves fall off quickly, but that only enhances the fall look. And hands off once they are down, because they will stay beautiful for a very long time. 

Super nice this combo of fresh flowers and pumpkins:. fresh, cheerful and autumnal all in one!

Pumpkin on the table

4. Pumpkins óverywhere

Bare shelves, empty benches, rundown corners.... we all have them and when you are not careful they serve as the ideal place for stray children's boots, bunches of keys and yet-to-be-opened mail. Prevention is easier than cure my mother used to say, so brighten up these places with pumpkins!

Place the pumpkins in a horizontal composition and, again, complement this with candles, flowers and branches. Et voila... that empty - sometimes cluttered - spot in your home suddenly comes back to life.

Decorating with pumpkin

See... plenty of possibilities with pumpkins. And not only for in your home do they complete the autumn look, they are also not to be missed for decorating your garden. Go for it! 

Looking for cool items to pair with your pumpkin creations? Check out my blog on table inspiration to make your autumn table even more complete.

Now do you have fun photos of your pumpkin creations? Sharing = great, because your creativity inspires me too! 

"Because table setting is life!" - Maud

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