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Sweet Smoothie

Today a delicious creamy, feel good smoothie. It is also nice and sweet so if you need to beat your sugar cravings this is a great option. The sweetness comes from the natural sugars from the dates and the delicious Alpro soy almond coconut milk.

What I recently discovered is that Alpro has something SUPER handy! The Alpro Smoothie maker. This is really nice: if your smoothies fail just too often you should start using this tool from now on. It has lots of smoothie options and you can add whatever you like but with the help of Alpro you will never make a bad combination.

Ok, let's continue with my smoothie, I often look for smoothies that my kids like and that I can give them before field hockey practice. So this one is sweet and creamy and it's nice and filling because of the avocado. Not to mention how healthy that avocado is of course! The dates also contain a laundry list of vitamins, lots of iron and fiber. So drink this in the morning and you'll be fine for the rest of the day. Always nice to have breakfasts that you can build on during busy days. Another nice touch: it has only three ingredients and is SUPER EASY!!!!

Serves: 2 Cooking Time: 5 min


  • 5 fresh dates without seeds
  • 400 ml coconut/almond milk
  • fruit of half an avocado

How to

  1. All together in the blender until nice and smooth.

  2. This is quite potent so you can enjoy this with 2!


Sweet Smoothie
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