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Zucchini rolls

A delicious dish that is: low in fat, zero in carbs and high in nutrients. Oh and also very tasty. Ideal for a balance day or balance week, you can do that too :-)

What I especially like about this dish is that you can really taste the flavor of the zucchini, minced meat and bell bell pepper. Because you make it separate components instead of everything in a sauce you taste the flavors much better. I sometimes miss this in a sauce.

The advantage here is also that with some small adjustments you can make it a good dish for the kids. I cooked a pan of pasta and served it with the sauce.

Want to add even more flavor and don't have to watch the line? Then nicely add some ricotta or boursin to the minced meat. Or some parmesan cheese at the end with some pine nuts. Also very tasty!

Recipe for 4 people.


  • 1 large red onion

  • 2 cloves of garlic

  • 1 tsp dried Italian herbs

  • 1 knife point chili pepper

  • 1 can of concentrated tomato paste

  • 1 bottle of Passata

  • 1 garden herb bouillon cube extra lean

  • 2 bags of Italian vegetable mix (available at most supermarkets)

  • 750 grams of minced beef or veal

  • onion and garlic powder

  • 1 jar of grilled peppers

  • basil

  • 2 zucchinis

  • salt and pepper

How to

  1. Sauté the onion, garlic along with the Italian herbs and chili pepper

  2. After a few minutes on low heat, add the can of tomato paste. Fry for a few minutes, stir well.

  3. Add the Passata and the bouillon cube. Let simmer for a while.

  4. In a pan, fry the vegetable mix in 2 parts. So per bag. Add garlic powder and some (seasoning) salt. Then add everything to the sauce

  5. In the same pan, fry the minced meat loose with onion and garlic powder and some (seasoning) salt

  6. Keep some of the minced meat aside and add the rest to the sauce

  7. Chop some peppers and add to the minced meat. Add some basil to this as well.

  8. Slice the zucchini with a cheese slicer and briefly fry the slices in some olive oil. Again in the same pan

  9. Then you are going to roll up the zucchini with the mixture

  10. Season the sauce with salt and pepper and spoon some of the sauce into a deep plate, place the rolls on top and done. No need to put it in the oven because it is already cooked. You can top it (if you're not on a diet) with some freshly ground Parmesan cheese.


Zucchini rolls
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Frank - February 1, 2022

Delicious dish

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